• Hi, I'm Jess.

  • Railyard Spice Company was born in the kitchen of my little blue house in Headingley, Manitoba.
    The pandemic, along with a very prophetic dream was the push I needed to start this adventure.
    As I watched the trains go by each day, I created a collection of homemade Salts, Spices, Cocktail Rimmers and Sugars.

    My inspiration for the flavour profiles come from experimenting, cravings and over 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry.

  • Food and drinks have always been my way of bringing joy into the lives of my friends and family.
    With love and care I am able to make spices in smaller batches.

    My goal is to build a brand that I can be proud of. It is my little way of spreading the love and enjoyment I am blessed with in my life.

  • Winnipeg Made Spices, Salts and Cocktail Rimmers

    I am happy to offer Free Delivery in Winnipeg

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